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What if you could finish your father's bucket list with Laura Carney

This is an extraordinary episode of the Making Waves Podcast with Tom Prather. It’s not about the usual growing brands or businesses, stories of making platinum records, or what it takes to win championships. It’s a conversation about how one woman is making waves in her life and honoring her father at the same time. You see, when Laura Carney was 25 years old, her father was killed by a driver who ran a red light while talking on the phone. Thirteen years later, Laura’s brother discovered a list their dad wrote when he was 29 entitled: “Things I would Like to Do in My Life.” They found his bucket list. Laura knew from that moment what she had to do… She had to finish her father’s list.

Laura’s story moved me so much that I had to get her on the show and learn more about her incredible story. It’s a conversation about redemption, adventure, hope, and love!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

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