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"To launch a business means successfully solving problems."

- Richard Branson

52 Waves is a Video FAQ package to increase sales produced by Tom Prather of The Blue Wave Video Production Agency

is a library of 52 video FAQs that answer your customer's most commonly asked questions about your industry or service.

The strategy behind these videos is to grow your brand recognition and increase your brand’s retention through

easy-to-digest, bite-sized videos that position your company as the gatekeeper of solutions.

Delivered in one business week*, distribute your new video library via email, on social media, landing page campaigns, YouTube, and branded company websites.

Especially now your customers have questions.

52 Waves is a Video FAQ package to increase sales produced by Tom Prather of The Blue Wave Video Production Agency
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Be the hero and give them the answers!

With our Video FAQ package by The Blue Wave Video Production Agency companies get Content for 1 year within a week

Why 52 videos?

Well, with the magic of video marketing, if you distribute one video a week, you’ll have fresh content for an entire year (52 weeks). When you recirculate the videos, you’ll have years worth of content!

We also offer 26 and 13 Video packages.

The Video FAQ package 52 Waves producted by The Blue Wave Video Production Company provides content for a year, a half year, or a quarter

Video FAQ Samle Overview
Video FAQ Samle Overview
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What is Dynamic Independent Movement REV
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How quickly will you see results
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What's the difference between coaching and tutoring?.m4v
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52 Waves Clients
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"The Blue Wave is incomparable in the creation of their content. They work with you to create exactly what emotions you desire to inspire from your content. Great quality videos and websites, highly recommend!"

- Glenda Fu | Dreams For Kids DC

"Tom Prather and the Blue Wave team do a remarkable job! They are innovative, professional, and so easy to work with. I’ve used Blue Wave for numerous projects over the years and am always impressed - they rock!"

- Alan Stein Jr. | International Keynote Speaker

" The Blue Wave has been an integral branding partner with all of our resorts. From 52 Waves to captivating brand-story videos, Tom and his team exceeded our expectations with every project. "

 - Robyn Leenaerts  | Olde Towne Pet Resort

" The Blue Wave worked very closely with us to produce high-quality videos (52 Waves) we needed to take our marketing to the next level. We couldn't be happier with the results. We were treated as an important client and The Blue Wave was very responsive to our requests and ideas.  We can't wait to start our next venture with The Blue Wave."

- Kristina Wesselink | British Swim School

"I think it's timely, it meets a lot of needs and it's been great for us already!"