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Photography is Tom Prather's rock 'n' roll rebellion, where he first stormed into the business by capturing the mighty Van Halen on tour. With a camera in hand and an eye on iconic moments, Tom's journey began, and he hasn't looked back since. His lens is a weapon, his images a symphony, and his canvas the world.

From Rock Stars to Board Rooms,

Tom Delivers the Unexpected

In the world of Tom Prather, there are no limits. He's the renegade lensman who seamlessly navigates between rock stars, Fortune 500 giants, and the fierce battlegrounds of major league sports. What sets Tom apart is his audacious perspective, an adventurous eye that turns ordinary scenes into extraordinary visual escapades.


When you're in Tom's frame, you're part of an electrifying narrative that defies conventions and leaves you craving for more. Welcome to the audacious world of Tom Prather Photography, where rebellion is an art form, and the lens is always set to thrill.

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