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Tom Prather is an award-winning television/film director that has worked with some of the world's most influential people while behind the camera for the past 20 years. In this show, he sets off on a journey to find out how champion athletes, hall of fame musicians, maverick entrepreneurs, and inspiring humans make waves in their own lives and careers.


Making Waves with Tom Prather hopes to bring engaging stories with unique perspectives that will motivate its listeners to make a splash in their own lives and those around them.


Tom Prather first made waves in the entertainment business photographing Van Halen after making a few creative calls and finding a stack of letterhead once graduating from the University of Maryland's film/television program.


Prather went on to be sought out as an editor and director for television commercials by Fortune 500 media companies. Desiring more creative freedom, Tom founded The Blue Wave Media Company & Digital Agency for the purpose of producing original television programming and films. Having sold a produced television series to Discovery Communications, The Blue Wave developed a reputation in the world of branding for blending award-winning 

content with unparalleled distribution strategies.  


Tom wrote and directed the film, Meetings, which features Sammy Hagar on the official soundtrack, started the Letterbox Film Festival, and is currently launching a new sports television network, Transform Sports Network, as head of production and programming.


Tom Prather is also an active Board Member for Dreams For Kids DC, a non-profit that provides life-changing activities that empower children with physical and developmental disabilities. 


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