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Making Waves Podcast | Episode #001 Laura Morton

Laura Morton Tom Prather Making Waves Podcast

Laura Morton has written over 40 books and a staggering 20 New York Times Bestsellers, with a wide range of celebrities, including, Susan Lucci, Jennifer Hudson, Al Roker, Justin Beiber, Joan Lunden, Marilu Henner, Melissa Etheridge, Delta Burke, Katherine Schwarzenegger, Kim Zimmer, Denise Rich, Kathy Ireland, Sandra Lee, Danica Patrick, Bruce Hulse (famous male super model,) Ed and Lois Smart - the parents of Elizabeth Smart, Criss Angel, and the Jonas Brothers—just to name a few.

In this episode we discussed the importance of leverage, which jump-started her first career as a tv producer, how exercise videos led to becoming a best-selling author, what it means to dream backward, raising a child in the digital world and Laura's growing world-class guitar collection.

Laura has been involved in the entertainment industry for more than 25 years as a writer, producer, and entrepreneur. She is highly skilled in all forms of social media, marketing, and promotion. She continues to pursue projects of Interest that cross-publishing, production and electronic media through her company, Laura Morton Management.

In addition to being an author, Morton was one of the original, innovative pioneers in special interest productions, especially in the field of health and fitness, producing numerous successful exercise videos for high profile celebrities including Richard Simmons, Linda Gray, Reebok, Marla Maples and many more.

Books Mentioned:

Laura passed the mic baton to Joe and Kenny Kakaty

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