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Making Waves Podcast | Episode 003 Dr. Brian Paris

December 1, 2017


Dr. Brian Paris is a nationally known wellness expert. As the developer of the renowned Advanced Wellness Systems program, Dr. Paris has worked with thousands of patients with diverse medical histories to put them on a pain-free path that allows them to live an active, confident and healthier life… Often times without surgery. Brian has been a featured speaker at Ted X and is a regular on television news programming providing his highly respected insight.


In this episode, Brian discussed how he became the renegade of the chiropractic world. Brian’s philosophy that the first step in fixing pain is listening to your inner dialogue. We go in-depth on the revolutionary treatment of stem cell therapy. And hit topics such as the importance of sleep for overall health and how to combat procrastination. and quite honestly a bunch of other tips to improve your life.


I am thrilled to have Brian on because I talk to so many people that are dealing with pain. Back pain, knee pain, etc and I wanted to provide a platform to let those people know there are in fact ways to feel better.


So I should mention as a disclaimer, however, this podcast is not intended to be used as a medical diagnosis nor medical advice and/or treatment. If you are in pain, give Dr. Paris a call or a doctor near you.


People we discussed:

Laird Hamilton: www.twitter.com/LairdLife and www.twitter.com/XPTLife
Tony Robbins: www.twitter.com/TonyRobbins
Rhonda Patrick: www.twitter.com/foundmyfitness
Tim Ferriss: www.tim.blog/podcast
Robin Sharma: www.twitter.com/RobinSharma
Lifetime Fitness: www.lifetime.life
Mice study: www.sciencemag.org/news/2013/05/ni…se-hearts-young


Alan passed the baton to:
Andre Margutti: 


Connect with Dr. Paris:
Website: www.drbrianparis.com


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Twitter: www.twitter.com/iamtomprather


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IG: www.instagram.com/makingwavesodcast
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