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S:2 E:2 | Creativity

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In this episode of the podcast, Dr. Brian Paris (S:1 E:3) asked to interview Tom Prather on the subject of creativity. Specifically, if creativity can be cultivated or does one have to be born with it. Tom discusses how creativity played a role in photographing Van Halen and getting his big break into the entertainment industry. Other topics covered were the purpose of failure, serving clients, generating change and lessons learned from fighting cancer.

People we discussed: Tony Robbins: www.twitter.com/TonyRobbins Sammy Hagar: www.instagram.com/sammyhagar

Van Halen: www.van-halen.com

Cabo Wabo: www.cabowabo.com

Connect with Dr. Paris: Website: www.advancedwellnesssystems.com Website: www.drbrianparis.com

Connect with Tom: IG: www.instagram.com/iamtomprather Twitter: www.twitter.com/iamtomprather

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