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Wearable Video


Favorite gadget at CES: "I think you're going to be seeing these in the future!"

- Dan Simon/CNN

If you want to steal the show, turn heads or engage with customers, chances are you are wearing the wrong accessory. Put on our wearable video player and change who the world sees you! Our wearable video player delivers a wow-factor that is, quite honestly, hard to match.  Originally designed as trade show collateral, we see it as a point-of-sale marketing tool that promotes products and services. And oh yeah, it stops people in the tracks!   


This 3x2 promotional genius consists of an organic LED screen that can be used to show your own product demos, special offerings and is a great way to drive sales of additional products. It can be clipped onto clothing or objects and can stand freely to compliment product branding. Chili's has seen a 60% rise in sales for their premium margarita since the implementation of wearable video.  Aside from being a benefit on the sales floor, it can go old school and be utilized at trade shows and offsite product demonstrations.  Our wearable video is suggestive sales for the new world of marketing.

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