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Case Study:

State of Maryland

CLIENT: State of Maryland Board of Elections


CATEGORY: Government


PROJECT TITLE: Diebold Voting Machine


PROJECT INFO: When the State of Maryland decided to implement the highly discussed Diebold electronic voting system they needed to announce the switch and also educate and train voters how to use the machine. We produced a 15 minute training video that guided the voter through the process and how to use the video. It also trained election employees how to use and maintain the machine by conducting test elections.  The Blue Wave also created a state wide commercial television campaign that introduced the new device and encouraged voters to test the machine in advance. The ads ran on both broadcast and cable networks.


RECOGNITION: Videos were available on DVD in advance of election at every library in the state, viewable online and played at every voting location in the state for two voting cycles.

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"Tom Prather’s creativity and vision helped us create an outstanding project that has received nothing but rave reviews."



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