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" The Blue Wave has been an integral design partner with several of our restaurant brands. From captivating brand-story videos to design and installation of wall art inside new restaurants,

Tom and his team exceeded our expectations with every project. "


        - Robyn Leenaerts  | Pheast, Thompson Hospitality

Client: Thompson Hospitality

Properties: Hen Quarter, Hen Penny, American Tap Room, BRB Burger and Austin Grill


Category: Hospitality


Project Title: Various 

media + strategy

Project Info: We call our partnership with Pheast, "The Kitchen Sink", because we've done just about every type of media there is! Branding videos, print advertisements, design, logo design, design installation and hand painted wall murals. Yes, you read that correctly, 9' X 7' hand painted all murals. These projects have strectched comfort zones and added new tools to our tool box. 

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