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Online Video



" 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process"


We created the world's first online tv station for the hospitality industry by launching Starboard TV. So yeah, we know a few things about online video strategy. 

Our online video content distribution marketing strategy gives us the ability to reach your audience due to its compatibility with tablets, phones, and web-enabled TV. After all, your customers aren't sitting at their desks waiting to read your message anymore. They are on the move at meetings, at games, and eating tacos. (Where is our invite?) Now you can connect with them everywhere they are.


Along with our award-winning video production, we are now able to exclusively offer this distribution marketing strategy to broadcast single videos or entire campaigns, as well as design your very own TV station, making for a killer user experience. 


We are able to give our clients more than just impressions. We can tell you where those impressions are coming from and how your customer is engaging with your content.


Plus, we can even help you monetize your content! How cool is that? 

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