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Case Study:


Client: Endocare


Category: Healthcare 


Project Title: Various 


Project info: The Blue Wave traveled the country for 3 years filming/producing doctor recruitment and procedure videos to educate patients and attract/train doctors to use the Endocare cryotherapy product/[rpocedure.  The Videos were used as a part of a larger vetting system for interested doctors and cancer treatment practices.  The filming included actual prostate cancer surgeries, as well as patient and doctor testimonials.  We also produced national television commercials for Endocare that spoke directly to prostate cancer and kidney cancer sufferers.  The Endocare® Cryocare® Systems consist of a compact, easy-to-operate console and associated accessories that include Endocare® cryoprobes to deliver cold temperatures to the therapeutic tissue and Endocare® TempProbe® devices to monitor temperatures in the surrounding tissue.  The Cryocare® Systems are intended for use in open, minimally invasive or endoscopic procedures in the areas in general surgery, urology, gynecology, oncology, neurology, dermatology, ENT, proctology, pulmonary surgery, and thoracic surgery.  PRODUCTS USED: DVD distribution, online distribution, online training applications, Broadcast & Cable Distribution. 

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