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- Richard Branson

52 Waves

Earning your customers trust one answer at a time.

A business is successful when it solves their customer’s problems. More often than not, those problems manifest themselves in the form of questions first. We want to help you and your business answer those questions with “52 Waves!”

“52 Waves,” is 52 videos that answer the most commonly asked questions by your costumers about your industry or service. Why 52 videos? Well, if you distribute one video a week you’ll have content for an entire year (52 weeks). When you recirculate the videos, you'll have years worth of content!


We are also offering additional packages: 26 Waves (26 weeks, Half Year) & 13 Waves (13 weeks,1/4 Year).


The strategy behind "52 Waves" is to grow your brand recognition, and increase your brand’s retention through easy to digest, bite-sized videos that position your company as the gatekeeper of solutions. Distribute your new robust video library via email, on social media, landing page campaigns, YouTube and branded company websites.  


Your customers have questions, let’s give them the answers. 


  • Increases SEO

  • Creates a robust video library

  • Educates (potential) customers

  • Positions business as industry expert

  • Increases Brand awareness

  • Builds brand retention

  • Video increases viewer engagement

  • Supports sales team

  • Reduces support burden

  • Empowers customers/consumers​

Distribution Strategies

  • YouTube (SEO)

  • Video library on branded sites

  • Social media posts & campaigns

  • Email campaigns

  • Sales team correspondence

  • Tech Support 

  • Sales funnel landing pages

  • Tradeshow collateral

  • Video brochures

  • Blogs

What you get

  • 52 videos, 26 videos or 13 videos

  • Brainstorm pre-production meeting

  • TV ready scripts (based on client-supplied bullet points)

  • Teleprompter video shoot

  • Digital post-production

  • 2D/3D title animation

  • Royalty-free music library

  • Quicktime master video files

  • .MP4 (mobile) master video files

  • 1 week turnaround

A la Carte

  • On-air talent

  • Scriptwriting 

  • Distribution implementation (strategy, posting, meta-tagging)

  • 3rd-party video hosting

" The Blue Wave worked very closely with us to produce high-quality

videos (52 Waves) we needed to take our marketing to the next level. 

We couldn't be happier with the results. We were treated as an important client and The Blue Wave was very responsive to our requests and ideas. 

We can't wait to start our next venture with The Blue Wave."


- Kristina Wesselink | British Swim School


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